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23 February 2016

Strategia Therapeutics Spins Out SOLA Biosciences to Commercialize Tapboost® Technology

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Strategia Therapeutics Inc. (Strategia) announced its first spinout company, SOLA Biosciences LLC (SOLA). Headquartered in Boston, SOLA focuses on Tapboost® technology and globally collaborates with various pharmaceutical companies and researchers.

Strategia is an innovative pharmaceutical R&D company that provides strategy, management, and optimization of global drug development programs with a new model for collaborative drug development by bringing together small, specific global expert teams for each drug project. Strategia has developed its proprietary technology, Tapboost®, to control protein folding and the protein production process. This breakthrough platform significantly improves targeted protein production such as antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins.

“We have discovered the amino acid chaperone motifs that enhance protein production only for targeted proteins or antibodies of interest,“ says Dr. Akinori Hishiya, Principal Scientist of SOLA. “Our data shows enhanced expression more than 10-20 times for various “difficult-to-express” proteins such as FVIII-Fc.”

SOLA has established ten MTAs (material transfer agreements) so far with pharmaceutical and biotech companies including major ones to evaluate the Tapboost® technology for their therapeutic biologics and new target molecules.

“One of the reasons we have spun out the SOLA from Strategia is that while SOLA focuses on the application of the Tapboost® technology, Strategia will be able to focus more on its mission which is to swiftly create needed drugs for the patients at lower cost,” says Dr. Keizo Koya, President and CEO of Strategia. “The other primary reason is that Tapboost® technology could accelerate the R&D process of other companies and research, not just for Strategia. Our technology will also decrease the cost of biologics since it can express protein more productively than before. There is an expected wide application range of Tapboost® technology, which will contribute to science, researchers, R&D companies, and most importantly, people who benefit from their hard work.”

About Strategia Therapeutics, Inc. (Strategia)
Strategia is an integrated pharmaceutical company with the goal of delivering new therapeutics faster, more efficiently, and at lower overall cost to the drug development process than existing R&D big pharma models. Strategia organizes small, dedicated teams of global experts specific for each new therapeutic project to guide strategy, quality, research & development, and commercialization. This approach streamlines existing R&D and allows us to bring exciting new investigational therapeutics to patients more rapidly and efficiently.

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