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05 May 2015

TapBoost® Technology: Enhanced Production for Difficult-to-Produce Proteins

PEGS Boston the essential protein engineering summit

Therapeutic recombinant proteins produced using mammalian expression systems often have misfolding issues and are stuck in the endoplasmic reticulum by cellular quality control system, resulting in poor expression and yields. We have developed a novel technology called TapBoost® technology, which assists proper protein folding and cellular quality control systems specifically for a targeted protein. A proprietary protein (TapBoost®) is expressed together with a therapeutic protein (targeted protein), followed by the interaction between TapBoost® and the targeted protein, resulting in enhanced production of the targeted protein. TapBoost® has successfully enhanced the production of many therapeutic recombinant proteins including monoclonal antibodies and Fc fusion proteins. Importantly, monoclonal antibodies produced by the technology retained the ability to bind to the corresponding epitope, and enzymes retained their biological activity. Intriguingly, the expression of difficult-to-express proteins such as G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) are improved by the technology and GPCR proteins expressed using TapBoost® are strongly activated after the ligand binding, and moreover the aggregation of produced proteins is significantly diminished when the aggregation-prone protein is expressed by TapBoost® technology. This unique mechanism of action enables TapBoost® to combine with other existing expression technologies to enhance the production of therapeutic proteins.

Presentation  “TapBoost® Breakthrough Platform to Improve Protein Production-”

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Dr. Akinori Hishiya, Director of Biology
Paul Wengender, Chief Strategist, TapBoost® Technology