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08 April 2015

Boston Strategic Corporation Announces Name To Strategia Therapeutics, Inc.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Boston Strategic Corporation, an innovative pharmaceutical R&D company that specializes in streamlining the drug development processes, today announced its new name: Strategia Therapeutics, Inc., effective immediately.

The change, which comes on the Boston-based company’s third anniversary, more accurately reflects its emphasis on serving patients in need, says President and CEO Keizo Koya, Ph.D. “Strategia’s vision is to change the existing drug research and development paradigm,” Koya says. By creating a nimble approach to drug development, he notes, the company can reduce overall costs and time to market, thereby making new, affordable drugs available to patients whose medical needs would otherwise be unmet.

Strategia’s approach is a dramatic break from existing R&D models, which rely mainly on a single company’s in-house research, testing, and production. Instead of using one team to create many different drugs, Strategia pulls together customized global project teams for each new therapeutic agent under development. These teams, which Strategia manages, are made up of partners with specific expertise relevant to a certain drug or medical condition.

“We place drug development strategy first,” says Koya. “This approach streamlines existing research and development extensively, and it lets Strategia create new, effective therapeutics faster and more efficiently than ever before,” he adds. “Our primary goal is positively impacting patient health—so our success is measured by how quickly and effectively we make new drugs accessible to those patients,” he says.

Strategia was founded in April 2012. Since then, the company has collaborated with global partners who have the same vision and passion for improved patient care, and has advanced many new pharmaceutical R&D projects from research to clinical development. Its core team of strategists collectively have more than 200 years of experience in drug development.

The company’s new logo design and tagline (”A New Vision. A Better Future for Patients,”) symbolize its new mission.

Former name:Boston Strategics Corp.
New name:Strategia Therapeutics, Inc.

【Startegia Therapeutics, Inc. Profile】
Company Name:          Strategia Therapeutics, Inc.
President and CEO:     Keizo Koya, Ph.D.
Headquarter Address: 214 Union Wharf, Boston, MA 02109-1204, USA
About Strategia Therapeutics, Inc. (Strategia)

Strategia is an innovative pharmaceutical R&D company with experience in developing, managing and optimizing global drug development programs. Its mission is to create a new model for collaborative drug development by bringing together small, global expert teams, each of which has expertise specific to a single drug. By focusing its efforts in this way, Strategia rapidly and successfully moves each project forward to completion while keeping internal infrastructure small and streamlined.

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