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17 July 2014, The Chemical Daily

Boston Strategics In-licensed E6201, a Dual Kinase Inhibitor, from Eisai to Initiate Their Own Phase 2a Clinical Trial in 2014

Boston Strategics Corporation (BSC) in-licensed E6201, a dual-targeted FLT3 and MEK inhibitor, from Eisai to develop it for cancer indications.  BSC has recently announced that it entered into an exclusive licensing and development agreement with Eisai Co., Ltd. for E6201 to initiate its clinical development in AML (Acute myeloid leukemia) patients in the US within 2014.  Although several drugs inhibiting either FLT3 or MEK are under development, E6201 could be a new First-in-Class drug as a dual-targeted FLT3 and MEK inhibitor.  E6201 is the first  exclusive licensing deal for BSCfor the development in their own pipeline.  BSC is exploring the best possible fast-track options to bring E6201 to the market.

[Original article in Japanese; translated by Strategia]