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25 July 2013

Boston Strategics Announces Strategic Alliance with UT MD Anderson for Oncology Drug Development

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Boston Strategics Corporation announced today a strategic alliance with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to facilitate oncology drug development by integrating the translational and clinical oncology development expertise and resources of MD Anderson with the “True Open Innovation” network built by Boston Strategics.

Under this agreement, Boston Strategics will optimize and execute the global drug development of its pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients by leveraging its “True Open Innovation” network todeliver superior outcomes using its highly efficient execution strategies in partnership with MD Anderson.

Building truly collaborative translational and clinical development programs is one of the main tenets of Boston Strategics’ efficient approach to drug development that values the importance of the clinical investigators’ input to optimize drug development.

MD Anderson’s leadership in translational research and in precision medicine with the newly created Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy will permit tailoring of Boston Strategics’ cancer therapies to appropriate patient populations.

This agreement underscores Boston Strategics commitment to partnering with academic and medical institutions to build a global network of experts and institutions dedicated to improving the treatment of cancer and management of patients.

“By combining the strengths of the MD Anderson Cancer Center with the oncology drug development expertise and true open innovation network of Boston Strategics, we are creating a new, efficient, streamlined model for global oncology clinical development,” says Eita Kitayama, President ofBoston Strategics. “This is an innovative and unique collaboration that will translate the highest-quality science into proven clinical success in an efficient and agile manner, while enhancing the competitive position of our Pharma and Biotech clients in the ever increasing challenging environment of clinical drug development.”

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to deliver new therapeutic approaches to oncology patients globally with industry benchmark-beating timelines and financial investment giving Boston Strategics’ local and global partners a fast and efficient path to developing their compounds globally.

“MD Anderson is keen on collaborating with partners willing to establish long-term commitments to the institution,” said Ferran Prat, MD Anderson vice president for strategic industry ventures. “We believe in the power of industry and academia coming together, and coming up with solutions to enhance efficiencies and achieve faster development times. This partnership allows the organizations to work closely in a collaborative fashion to reach those goals.”

About Boston Strategics

Boston Strategics is an integrated biotechnology research and development company with experience in developing, managing and optimizing global drug development programs from late discovery, through translational research, first-in-man proof-of-concept studies. Boston Strategicshas established collaborations with several major Japanese pharmaceutical partners.

About MD Anderson

MD Anderson provides care for approximately 100,000 patients each year. In FY 2012, nearly 8,500 of its patients participated in clinical trials exploring novel treatments, the largest such program in the nation.

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