About Strategia


A new vision. A better future for patients.

Strategia Therapeutics offers a fresh approach to drug research and development. We deliver therapeutics faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost to patients than existing R&D models.

The problem: inefficiency drives cost

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a productivity crisis. In recent years, the costs of drug development have skyrocketed, rising from just over $805 million per product in 2003 to nearly $2.6 billion in 2015. Existing development pipelines suffer from high overhead, sluggish corporate infrastructure, large project teams that lack focus and sometimes specific expertise. Often business decisions do not put patient needs first. As a result, drug success rates are diminishing, while the costs of development continue to rise.

Together, we can change the future of pharmaceuticals.

Our solution: an opportunity for change

Our novel new approach lowers the costs of drug development and makes effective decisions on compound attrition early in development. We ensure that drug development is conducted efficiently and in a cost effective manner; thus shortening the timeline between discovery and approval. This can translate to higher success rates and lower overall cost. By streamlining the R&D process, we can more rapidly bring affordable new, effective therapies to market.

A clear mission

Strategia seeks to help patients in need by accelerating the research and development of high quality, clinically viable drugs. We seek out therapies that show the highest clinical promise and strive to make those drugs accessible to caregivers in an expedient and affordable way. Together, we believe we can change the future of the pharmaceutical industry, while improving choices available to patients and their providers.